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About The Flautist
The Flautist series is a result of Eileen’s extensive learning, teaching, and playing experience. The series is designed to help flute players be the best they can be through proven methodologies. The main thrust of the series is on tone, expression, and interpretation with fundamental technical skills.

The online guides are comprehensive and designed to work with the player at their own pace section by section or in conjunction with each other.

The flute player will learn how to

  1. find the speaking point of the flute and get it to resonate with a beautiful tone,
  2. learn how to be flexible with the lips so all registers are beautiful,
  3. learn how to get the sound to add up through mastering harmonics
  4. learn how to get a phrase to sing through using words and phrases to musically express a melodic line.
  5. learn different musical and tonguing skills through Moyse Melodious Studies.
  6. learn a vocal style of tone and expression through Moyse Tone Development Through Interpretation.
  7. Learn how to play musical scales that are expressive with a beautiful tone that actually say something musically and are not just notes.
  8. Learn how to interpret a piece and use different skills learnt to get the most out of the piece.
  9. The result is a musically aware and educated player that has control over what they are playing and their tone production.

Flute Guide Videos

All videos by Eileen have detailed demonstrations with how to do or work at a topic or skill.

All guide videos are accompanied by:

  1. background information on the piece or extract,
  2. sound files played by Eileen,
  3. Backing tracks to help with overall knowledge of the piece and to play with,
  4. reference recordings to add to the education of the player, giving more context and overall appreciation of the piece or extract
  5. Suggested added development exercises to aid with tone, expression and control of the studies piece or extract.

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Articles and Thought Leadership Publications

The Babel Flute Magazine

Vocalisations – A Great Warm-up Tool

by Eileen Gilligan

Examples of The Flautist Subscription Content

There are 100’s of pieces, guides and foundation content available by subscription. Here are FREE examples of the content you will have access to as a member.

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Lensky Aria by Peter Tchaikovsky

A members’s guide to the piece by Eileen Gilligan

24 Little Melodic Studies No 1

A members’s guide to the study by Marcel Moyse performed by  Eileen Gilligan

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100’s of Pieces, Development Tools and Guides

The Flautist has gathered together a huge resource for Flute Players to continue their development with practical demonstrations and a huge video library of content and resources available on a subscription basis.

There is additional content being added weekly to further benefit members.

Pieces for the Flute

The Flautist expands it’s huge collection of flute pieces with 50 new releases each year. 

Guides for the Pieces

The popular and expressive pieces played by the Flautist are explained in video in great detail on how to get that expressive beautiful sound.

The Body Behind the Flute

Guides and suggestions on the body, how to stand and hold the flute in order to get the best beautiful sound from the flute.

Foundation Tools

The Foundation Tools are the fundamental base on which great flute playing is built. With video examples of whistle tones, to repeated notes and lots more.

Melodic Studies

There are a number of studies to incorporate in your practice with video explanations and demonstration to create that beautiful sound.

Tone Development

Once the technique is right then exercises on tone development are crucial. Here is a huge collection of videos on Tone Development.

Backing Tracks

Members have access to backing tracks for pieces that need them. Once practiced then the backing track can be used to further enhance the creation of your music

Sheet Music

Every piece where there is loyalty free music is available it is included with the page. When it is still under copyright we attach the link as to where you can secure it.

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