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Children’s Dream

by Luis Barroso


Luis Barroso was born in Madrid in 1960. He studied composition at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Madrid where he also studied modern harmony, arrangements, and music for audio-visuals. He is a versatile composer; his music covers different genres and styles.

“Getting closer to the world of children has been my intention in this work. Four pieces composed for flute and guitar with a clear, direct and descriptive language in which the play, melancholy, romanticism, joy and naivety of children are present.”

A beautiful little piece this week from a contemporary Spanish composer, Luis Barroso. The piece is The Little Adventurer from Children’s Dream for flute and guitar. Kathy adapted the guitar part on piano beautifully and I think I prefer it the flute and guitar version.

This was chosen as an extension piece or exercise to Moyse Melodious Study No 15 ,  to help the player blend “Elephants” and “Paradises” into their playing. Elephants are 2 short and a long note moving in a downwards direction, Paradises are 2 short and a long note moving in an upwards direction. Vocalisations which these are, I find to be an expressive and effective method of finding a way to not accentuate incorrect notes or beats musically. This delightful little piece is full of them and a few “elephants joy” which is 2 short 1 long and another long moving either up or down.

Vocalisation is covered in Foundation Tools on the website with harmonic vocalisations and “somewhere over the rainbow” etc but the Melodious Studies also delve into them as well. I also cover using words and phrases to express a musical phrase in the piece’s guides. “Where, oh where are you going “, springs to mind in the Chanson de Matin opening phrase.