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Listening to artists and recordings that make one think as a player and musician. Baroque period performance and its challenges for a Boehm system player.

I like to continually question and open my mind and musicality to new thoughts and possible directions. It really helps me clarify how I view a particular piece or period. The landscape in musical thinking is continually changing which I appreciate. I have always liked to listen to Jed Wentz, I started, I think well over 20 years ago listening to his Bach and others and it certainly made me think about everything. Tempos, articulations, general style and the Boehm system as compared to the Baroque flute. Along with Jed Wentz, the wonderful Freiburg Baroque orchestra and their 4 Seasons by Vivaldi which at the time was on the controversial side. Tempos, phrasing patterns and ornamentation can be a challenge especially for flute players on modern instruments. I find the more I listen the easier is to cement my own thinking and style.

Winter from the 4 Seasons by Vivaldi played by the Freiburg Baroque orchestra. I still love this and don’t think it has been surpassed.

Jed Wentz link JS Bach C Major. Food for thought here, not for me personally but his tone is amazing, and he brings a certain life to the work which is inspiring.

J S Bach Sonata in C Major BWV1033

Andante – Presto

J S Bach Sonata in C Major BWV1033


J S Bach Sonata in C Major BWV1033

Minuett 1 & 2

There are countless other recordings I could put here. These are the two that all those years ago started me on a thought process which continues still to this day for me.