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Memories and Heartbeats

by Jon Raybould

Memories and Heartbeats by Jon Raybould

Jon Raybould is based in central England has been a flutist and music teacher for over 40 years. After studying flute at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in the late 1970s, he became a High School music teacher and also taught the flute and piano from his home studio.

Over the years he composed and arranged a huge amount of music for flute, and also for a variety of ensembles, in a wide range of styles.

Some of Jon’s compositions can be seen and heard on his YouTube channel, “Jon Raybould – videos”.

“Memories and Heartbeats” is a lyrical, reflective piece – so a good tone is something to strive for in this piece, and aim to add vibrato to the long notes. The syncopated rhythms should have a relaxed feel, and legato-tonguing should be used to maintain the flowing, gentle character of the piece. Make the phrases sing!