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24 Little Melodic Studies 

by Marcel Moyse Number 1

Summary Points

  • What key are we in?. C Major so it’s a happy key
  • What tempo is stated?. Andante, so at an easy walking pace not a funeral march
  • How many beats in the bar? 4/4 what are the important beats? 1 and 3
  • Soft starts to notes.
  • Developing a 2 bar phrase as part of an overall 8 bar musical expression. Where are we going musically?
  • I love you for repeated notes. No sound gap between the I and the love with an expressive diminuendo resolution to the love.
  • Bell tones for the variation
  • For a bell tone , air direction and air speed need to be practised and controlled.
  • The melody of number one still needs to be expressed in the variation and have clear musical direction.

The Sound Recording

For each study we have included a recording for you to play. This is to help you. To play it please click below.

24 Little Melodic Studies No 1

by Marcel Moyse | Performed by Eileen Gilligan

Study No 1 has a variation and the recording is below:

24 Little Melodic Studies No 1 variation

by Marcel Moyse | Performed by Eileen Gilligan

The Backing Track

This is the piano backing track for the piece that you can play along to. Click to play.

Piano Backing Track for the 24 Little Melodic Studies No. 1

by Kathy Sander

Your vowel quality must be beautiful. You would never say “I love you” with an ugly, nasal voice.

Marcel Moyse

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