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by Arthur Woodall 1873-1952

Serenade by Arthur Woodall


Arthur Woodall was born November 30, 1873, at 5 Boscobel St, Tipton, Staffordshire, England to Joseph Woodall and his wife Sarah. At the age of 17 he was listed in the census as an ironworker. Ten years later, still single and living with his mother, he described himself as a Professor of Music.

Woodall was an active pianist and a conductor of local choirs. conductor of the Brockmoor Male Choir with which he was winner at the Blackpool Music Festival 1911. The first mention found for him in The Musical Times is as an accompanist at a recital in nearby Stourbridge, where he accompanied the well-known flute player, Edward de Jong. It seems that only flutist Edward de Jong could inspire him to compose both his compositions were dedicated to him.

Edward de Jong was the editor of Woodall’s Serenade for flute and piano, which was published in 1907 by Rudall Carte in their series the “Flute Players” Journal. In 1910 Rudall Carte published a second Woodall composition, Berceuse, also for flute and piano. Woodall is not known to have had any more music published.
The two only known compositions the Serenade and Berceuse were dedicated to Edward de Jong. It would seem he inspired these works.

Woodall was mentioned in The Musical Times through 1921 for his various musical activities, which included serving as a competition judge.

I have often tried to find the Berceuse, but it is unavailable, a copy exists in the London library. It is not commonly performed and there are to my knowledge, no recordings of it. If it is half as beautiful as his Serenade, it would be lovely to perform.